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Excalibur Knoxville, LLC has made his life’s focus to raise funds for volunteer rescue squads and volunteer fire departments all over East Tennessee. As a top fundraiser in its class, Excalibur Knoxville has set records in the state of Tennessee.

Above all, the entire staff of Excalibur Knoxville respects the long and storied history of fire departments & rescue squads in great state of Tennessee & throughout the United States, and has proven over time that we know how to represent these heroes in their respective communities.


Now having founded his own company, the leadership of Excalibur Knoxville trains and manages a veteran crew that continues to break fundraising records for East Tennessee’s emergency assistance organizations year after year, and the services of his skilled team have never been in higher demand as costs for day-to-day operations rise.

     ”I have learned over the years, what to look for and what to do to raise money during difficult times.  I have a system that has proven to be successful for all those who will give us a chance to prove ourselves.  We have exceeded all the expectations of our clients by completing drives in record breaking time, raising more money than they thought possible, and helping each of our clients to become stronger in their communities. We have truly helped many volunteer organizations in their mission to save property and lives. 

You just sit back and relax while the money rolls in.  How much easier could it be?  Isn’t this the way it should be done?  You work a full time job, sacrificing your time and life for others.  How could you possibly have even more time to raise money needed for your department?  We don’t think so!  Door to Door methods have always been used and have proven to be a long term success for any organization.  Match this up with a great team and an experienced leader, and it has success written all over it!”

East Tennessee has a proud tradition of volunteering, from the War of 1812 under Andrew Jackson to today’s emergency assistance agencies in each county.  In order to save lives, your volunteers need the best equipment and training when seconds count.  In short, they need you.


Excalibur Knoxville has created a website where you can learn everything about what we do to help keep many Volunteer Rescue Squads and Fire Departments in East Tennessee rolling. Click here to visit us today.

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